Video Conferencing Services

One for all and all for one. Vidocks is the solution you were looking for.

Why Vidocks Studios?
Video conferencing is a way of communicating most businesses are using these days. It provides them with a multitude of advantages and saves on various traveling and accommodation expenses. Vidocks provides the best Video Conferencing equipment for small businesses and makes sure they excel. Vidocks provides high-grade video conferencing services to all our clients.
Technical Capabilities
Vidocks cares for their clients and therefore provide everything that’s needed to make a one of a kind quality. We encompass the capability of recording and editing high-quality HD videos through our premium cameras and lenses, along with professional video editors.
· Studio
-Studios for all kinds of video conferencing,
· Stage
A multi-projector system, hassle-free setup, and image synthesis
· Graphics Tool Kit
-High-end graphics to ensure prompt pixel quality and colors in the video
· Show
-Various niches of video conferencing. Features related to digital presentations and video installations.
Why virtual productions
-Up to 6 camera sources
●All angles are taken into account
●High quality
●Back plans in case of accidents and malfunctions
●The best quality recorded footage
●Precise and robust voice recording
Professional Switching Quality
●Assurance of quality
●Can shift according to clients’ needs
●Shifts are seamless and professional
●Quality management
●Awareness of the current market and trends
Reliable streaming with Sony Technology
●The best available technology is used
●Reliable brand use
●Professional team for management
●Updated and maintained tool kit
●Use of only the original brand equipment and software
External audio
●All sorts of external audio options are available
●Quality of sound is checked and assured
●Brilliant audio conversions to any sort of device
●Transport of the file to the client’s hand
●Not cut back on quality during the shift of the external audio file
Professional Live Graphics
●Updated and Expert graphics designer
●2D and 3D graphics production
●Live graphics with professional and unprecedented quality
●High-tech equipment and tool
●Latest apps and software for the best production
Communicate with your production team
●Open communication with the client and their team
●Friendly and informative discussions
●In-detail explanations and trust-worthy performance
●Scheduled follow-ups
●Timely meetings with the plan of action discussed