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Vidocks is a production company that has changed the meaning of the term ‘quality’ with their efforts, dedication, and talent. This Pakistan based company is one of the tops and leading satisfying clients.

One for all and all for one. Vidocks is the solution you were looking for.

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Why Vidocks Studios?


Video conferencing is a way of communicating most businesses are using these days. It provides them with a multitude of advantages and saves on various traveling and accommodation expenses. Vidocks provides the best Video Conferencing equipment for small businesses and makes sure they excel. Vidocks provides high-grade video conferencing services to all our clients.

Technical Capabilities

Vidocks cares for their clients and therefore provide everything that’s needed to make a one of a kind quality. We encompass the capability of recording and editing high-quality HD videos through our premium cameras and lenses, along with professional video editors. 


Studios for all kinds of video conferencing,


A multi-projector system, hassle-free setup, and image synthesis

Graphics Tool Kit

High-end graphics to ensure prompt pixel quality and colors in the video


Various niches of video conferencing. Features related to digital presentations and video installations.

Why virtual productions

Up to 6 camera sources

Professional Switching Quality

Reliable streaming with Sony Technology

External audio

Professional Live Graphics

Communicate with your production team

Customer Testimonials

Vidocks is very proud of the fact that it gets the best reviews to form almost all their clients, which often say how much their videos and shows are liked, and here's the proof!

Still Have Some Questions?

Vidocks uses the best video conferencing equipment. They can easily accommodate large groups, single one-on-one meetings, or any type of business or casual meeting between people sitting thousands of kilometers far away.

Audio clearance Your voice is not clear, your message will not go across, and you won’t be successful in making the important deals and transactions. You might be seen as a non-serious business. The External and Internal audio of Vidocks is of brilliant quality, making sure your message gets heard and across each time.

Angles truly do matter, especially when video conferencing. Vidocks provides its clients with up to 6 camera sources that capture the whole scene from all angles. This provides the perfect conversing and real-like experience, which is ideal for making deals and building relationships. All the cameras and gear are high quality and therefore provide the best video conferencing experience.

Having the perfect internet and technology is of the utmost importance when in any kind of video conference. Vidocks have access to the most reliable and innovative canon, DSLR, sony technology and fast internet. Now all your calls will be smooth and without any hindrances.

It is said that communication is key, and this is the most truthful phrase ever. Vidocks video conferencing teams are very friendly and open with their communication. They talk and discuss every detail of the whole event and make sure that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

You simply cannot have amateur graphics and blurry results. They will present a non-serious image, and you will seem unprofessional. The first impression is the last. That is why Vidocks has excellent quality and a professional live graphics system. The editing is done on the latest systems as well. The result is always up to the mark, and will make sure that they seem professional and serious in front of everyone.

The audio utilizes a high-grade mic and recording devices perfect for YouTube Live, Facebook Lives, Twitch streams. Basically, you can stream to any URL. You can use up to 3 RTMP Outputs simultaneously. There are 2 clips players and full support of RTP/RTMP/QoS.

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