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Vidocks offers virtual studio services and 360 virtual studios to brands!
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Vidocks is a virtual studio company that provides professional content to brands, businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our virtual studio services include location services, crew booking, and professional equipment.

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Why Vidocks?
Professional delivery
Vidocks has been providing virtual studio services for over a decade, and we can create locations for all kinds of situations and scenarios. Plus, we can customize the location according to the need of the project and the requirement of the client.
Capable to handle every technicality
We can handle all kinds of shoots whether it requires one person, multiple persons, persons with objects and demonstrations, digital reality with persons and objects, and many more. You will find our editorial team as one of the best in Pakistan. We can handle graphics, VFX, animation, and all kinds of technical details.
We can set up a scene for all kinds of situations, such as TV broadcasts, sports broadcasts, talk shows, newsrooms, and many more.
We can set the stage for one person, multiple persons, persons with digital graphics, persons with animations, and many more.
We can show any kind of presentation, whether it for corporate purposes, educational, business, and many more.
Graphics Toolkit
We have all the required tools, equipment, and skilled technicians for all kinds of studio jobs.
Why use 360 virtual studios?
Multiple camera/sources
●YOU can stream perfectly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more.
●YOU can stream to any URL.
●All angles covered.
Professional Quality
●YOU can present highly professional content.
●YOU can switch scenes in less than a second.
●YOU can present content according to your purpose.
Reliable streaming
●YOU can broadcast your content without any lag.
●No screen halting
●No distortion
External Audio
●YOU can embed required sounds according to the need.
●Clear audio output for viewers.
●Zero noise.
Live Graphics
●YOU can embed graphics in a Live video.
●Graphics according to the need of content.
●Highly effective graphical presentation in the content.
●Production team can act on hints from the host.
●YOU can add or remove anything easily in minimum time.
●The best broadcast options for the producer.