Commercial Short Promo Production Service

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Why Commercial Short promos for your Brand?
People do not watch commercials. But they watch what interests them. It can be a picture, text, video, or an ad. If YOU capture people’s attention and show them content around their interest, then YOU can sell anything to them.
The job of commercial video ads is always to connect the brand with people’s life. Next, buying the product of the brand is an ultimate and logical step for them. Plus, commercial videos create an emotional effect on people. That’s why people buy from the brand.
Vidocks provides the best TVC services and YOU will get the highest level of commercial ads.
Commercial Short Promos ROI
If YOU are a brand with an everyday product that solves a specific problem for the people, then YOUr goal must be to sell the product on a Mega scale. However, it will never be possible without creating an emotional ad. That will cost YOU a sizable amount of money. But that investment will bring YOU immense sales in minimum time. Therefore, YOU will get a multifold return on investment. Generally, a commercial can get YOU a return on investment up to a hundred times. That’s why YOU must never save money on promotions.
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Who needs our services?
If You are a Brand selling products all over the country or on a global scale and YOU have a distributing presence in major cities, then YOU certainly require our TVC (television commercial) services.
YOU will get a high-value ad that will engage people through a TV network or the internet. As a result, YOUr product awareness will increase, and that will lead to a conversion with time.
Without TVC services, YOU cannot sell YOUr product on a Mega scale.
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Why Vidocks?
Due to immense industry experience and several years of practice, we know:
●What interests people?
●What does make them buy?
●What level of engagement a brand needs?
●How to emotionally recharge people for a product?
●How to exploit the pain points of people?
●How to make people crave for YOUr ad on TV?
We will write the best Copy for your commercial ad, and we will produce the best commercial for YOU.
Call us with YOUr requirements, we are ready to serve YOU.

Vidocks ad creation process
We get all the data from YOU and perform our market research around the product. Then, we create a mind map that includes prime benefits, pain points, offer, price, and many more elements for the ad. Next, we create a copy of the commercial from different concepts. If YOU agree, then we proceed to the next step.
We produce the commercial and capture all the required footage. Plus, we create the required background music and voice-over for it. Our production process includes all the latest equipment and modern production techniques. That’s why YOU will get the highest quality.
We take the footage and embed all the required elements, such as animations, graphics, color effects, text characters, and many more. Next, we edit all frames and make the commercial into a perfect piece. If YOU suggest some changes, then we do it according to your feedback.