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Single-camera and multi-camera shoot as a whole

Single-camera   those in which only one camera is used to film a scene. In the single-camera shooting technique, the various angles and various shots are filmed by using a single camera. Contrary to single camera filming, the multi-camera shoot setup requires a number of cameras to catch the scene from various angles. However, in the current reign of the television world, both methods are of their own importance. Add to this the cost, time duration, quality, and actor’s performance; all things are different in single-camera production and multi-camera production.

Which shoot is the better option for you?

The answer to this question is dependent on what is the demand of your script. We have a team of experts who would guide you to choose the right camera shoot option as per your script. However, sometimes it is assumed that the selection of multi-camera shoot and single-camera shoot depends on the personal opinion of the client. But in reality, it is only and only depends on the story told by the client. So, you need to tell your story to our experts first, and then they will provide you proper suggestions about the selection of single-camera and multi-camera for your next shoot.

What can Vidocks do for you?

Who needs a single camera and multi-camera shoots?

In the television and film world, the need for the single as well as multi-camera shoot is very prominent. There are a number of people in this field who require these shoots for various below-mentioned purposes.

In addition to the above-discussed shoots, we also have the facility of multi-camera setup for events. It means if you need the quality shoot for your next event, then you are at the right place.

Documentary Brand Films

Why the Vidocks for your single camera and multi-camera shoots?

We are best for your next shoot because of the various factors of the single and multi-camera shoot service that we offer:

Availability of studio for shooting.

Our up to mark single camera and multi-camera shoot are inclusive of

Proper studio

We offer the facility of a proper studio for the clients in which all types of post-production arrangements are completed as per the need of the story.

Lighting and cinematography

Our experts, as well as technicians, are there who knows which lens of the camera would work best in a particular lighting environment. However, we also recognize the worth of the right selection of lenses in cinematography.

Editing and tools

We also offer the editing of the video through advanced video editing tools for marvelous results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Single-camera shoot is a traditional filming technique in which only one camera is used to record the different angles and shots of the scene. In contrast to this, the multi-camera shoot entails the recording of the scene with the help of a number of cameras at a time. 

Yes, Vidocks also offers multi-camera live streaming shoots on the demand of the customers.

You are required to contact our representative via e-mail, call, or chat to get our auspicious services.

Single-camera shooting had been introduced in the early 19 century, and from then to now, it is one of the famous techniques of filming that’s the reason it is one of the most traditional approaches to shooting.

One of the major   choosing the Vidocks for your single and multi-camera video shoot is the affordable cost that we offer.

Yes, a proper studio setup with advanced shooting equipment is also available for the clients.

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