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How do our pattern design services work?



Contact with the designers of Vidocks:

First of all, the client needs to contact our team representatives to get their design. We have expert designers who are capable of understanding the needs of the customers and design patterns accordingly. 


Communicate about your requirement related to pattern design:

Try to communicate all the requirements of your pattern design to our designers. So, they can create your pattern design as per your imagination.


Get the soft copy of your design and download it:

After getting approval from the client, we sent the design file to the customer in their required format. This file is easy to download, and customers can use these patterns according to their needs.  

Endow a fresh and upgraded look to your pattern design

The use of pattern design is very common not only in the world of art and design but also in businesses, fashion, textile, and other industries. Brands also use the pattern designs on the product's wraps, packaging, and in their logos as well. However, these designs are categorized into different types, and an experienced and proficient designer can design the accurate pattern design art for you. So in order to acquire a perfectly designed pattern, you need a quality pattern design service. In this context, Vidocks provides you with any pattern design of your choice. 

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Symmetry pattern design:

If you need symmetry pattern design for any of your products, then you can easily get them from the Vidocks. In addition to this, our expert designers also guide you about the use of the textile pattern design properly. So, if you require symmetry pattern design for any purpose, we are here for you. 

Spiral pattern design:

These types of design and pattern are often used in logos and clothes. And if you are in search of an excellently created spiral pattern design, then Vidocks would be your first choice. The reason for choosing Vidocks for your spiral design pattern is the perfect finishing of the pattern design. However, in case of any error in design, we can revise it for you.

Hand drawn pattern design:

Hand drawn pattern design is also a famous design that is used to showcase various elements like floral and others liked. Many packaging producers use these patterns to show love toward nature. Even these pattern designs are also commonly used in clothes. And if you need a hand-drawn pattern design for your cloth and box, then you do not need to worry. Just contact the Vidocks and get your desired clothes pattern design

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Embroidered pattern design:

Sometimes the beautifully crafted embroidered pattern designs are used to create an impressive look. These types of patterns are usual even you can see these on various textile. Mostly the fabric pattern designs are also constructed on the embroidered pattern design. And the Vidocks would provide any sort of wave design for the customers. 

Seamless pattern design:

Seamless design patterns are a view or image that is generated side-by-side with copies of a particular pattern. It is also a common design that is used for various purposes. You can use this surface pattern design on the walls, tiles, floor, and boxes or anywhere you need. And in order to create a massive seamless pattern of various colors and tones, you can contact the Vidocks. 

Snowflakes pattern design:

Another impressive pattern design is the snowflakes pattern that is used on the products, fabrics, and walls also. However, you can use this design anywhere. And we also provide the snowflakes pattern design to the clients according to their requirements. 

Custom pattern design:

We also offer custom pattern design for clients who are in need of creating something unique and creative. You can use any design, color combination, and tone for your custom pattern. Just communicate your design to our designers and get it according to your wish list. 

Geometric pattern design:

Geometric pattern designs that are created by using various basic shapes of geometry is also an attracting design. Simple stripes, circles, and other shapes when repeatedly used, also create an awesome pattern design. And these designs are also commonly used for many purposes. We provide the geometric pattern design for the customers on their demand and according to their requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are confused about choosing the right pattern design for your purpose, you can get assistance from our pattern design expert. And for this, you are required to contact Vidocks. 

We provide the file of the design to the client in any format that they require. You inform us about your need, and we can send you the file accordingly. 

Yes, Vidocks provides the pattern design with customization for the clients who need it. It means you can get your design in your own custom requirement. 

We ensure the fastest delivery of the design to the client, and it probably takes seven working days. 

The prices of the designs are quite affordable, and you can get your design at a competitive price. For quotation, you are required to contact our sales representative. 

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