Green Screen Services

General understanding of green screen services?

Green screening that is also known as Chroma keying, is a technique in which green color is used in the background while filming a person. After that, in the post-production stage, this green background is replaced with any scene. In the filming, this technique has its own importance. You can use anything for the green background. It may be a green canvas, wall, or backdrop.
This technique is mostly used for scene creation, interviews, photography, and training videos. The Chroma keying process makes it very easy for the editor to change the green background from the video.
There are many reasons for using this technique like:
It is very expensive to hire a location for the interview.
If the location is too busy and noisy for training videos.
The location is not so clean and appropriate.
For the persons who need green screen services, we offer professional filming with green screen at reasonable prices.
The green screen makes the impossible possible very easily:
Yes, it is true this post-production technique can easily make ultimate videos of actors who are acting in space and fantasy worlds, just by replacing the green screen with other fantasy worlds and space scenes. This technique of videography is also used in Hollywood filming. So, this technique can easily make the impossible possible for you. People who do not have the budget to hire the places for their videos can also use the green screen and then change the background according to their needs. However, expert-level filming is required for excellent results.
So, for those who are in search of proficient green screen video creation, we provide green screen services. Our Chroma keying Services are not only of the best quality but also affordable for the customers. And for the green screen video production, we have professionals and experts who can create the videos as per the wish of the customers.
Green screen solutions offered by Vidocks:
For the professional-quality composite videos, the Vidocks provide a list of solutions that includes.
● A studio room is also available for seminars, talk shows, live shows, training, and live streaming.
● Add the assets to your videos with the help of software like premier pro, after effects,autodesk maya, final cut pro, and others.
● Adjustments and settings of your footage until it looks right.
● Adjust the contrast and brightness of the background.
● We also offer multi-camera editing services.
● We can also cover the area of floor to ceiling with the green screen at the time of filming.
So, if you think that the green screen is the perfect solution for you, we are here to serve you.
What should you wear in front of a green screen?
In front of the green screen, anyone can wear anything but not the color green. Because the process of Chroma keying deletes the green color completely from the video or image, and it would cause the problem at that time. As we intend to remove the green color from the scene and wearing green would become a problem. However, it is the only requirement and other than the green color you can wear anything you desire. It means it is totally your choice what you want to wear on camera except for the green.
Now your next step:
Now, after getting all the information about the green screen, its use, and our service for you, it is time to think about it. It is you who can decide whether the green screen is the right solution for your project. And if you want to book the Vidocks for these services, then you need to get in touch with us via the contact information provided on the website.
However, we can also provide you with a suggestion about whether the real location is good for your project or not. So, you are just required to contact us and start your next shoot with us.
Get a quote:
Just communicate your production project for a quote.
Reason for choosing Vidocks for your green screen video production?
● High-quality digital equipment:
We use high-quality digital equipment to create green-screen for the customers.
● Top-class filming crew:
We have an expert team that includes local and international members. This team is also inclusive of technicians, artists, and green screen video editors. And this professional team makes us favorable for the customers.
● Prolong Industry experience:
We also have extensive experience of this field and industry that eliminates the chances of errors in green screen video production.
● Other personal services:
In addition to the green screen video creation, other editing services are also available to make things easy for the customers. We will also assist you with the DIY green screen if you require it.