Are YOU a Gamer or Streamer?

Want to Stream perfectly?

Then, Open Broadcast streaming services is all that YOU need!
With OB Studio GAMERS got millions of FOLLOWERS and DOLLARS. 
Teachers are tutoring their students!
Businesses are holding virtual seminars, conferences, and meetups!
Want to get the same result for YOUR Self?
HIRE our OB Studio streaming services!
YOU get what YOU want for your viewers!
Stream from any Windows or MAC device!
Show your recordings with the required editing!
Comment and annotate your games, videos, content at a slow or fast speed!
Use your videos for commercial or non-commercial purposes!
By hiring us, YOU become a professional player in the streaming field!


Low cost streaming solution

Designed especially for the best streaming needs

Highest quality streaming

Multiple source capability

Set your own FPS and resolution

Get the Best Enterprise Experience in the Market

Online meetings and chats

Online meetings, training, and chats

Round the clock technical support

Help available instantly

Prompt initial setup

Streaming setup under 24 hours of hire


Phone support

Get us on a phone call anytime

Market insights

All the help for commercial streaming ventures

Why Open Broadcast streaming services?

Low cost streaming solution

Designed especially for the best streaming needs

Highest quality streaming

Multiple source capability

Set your own FPS and resolution


Intuitive audio mixer

Use any audio with your stream. Even YOU can mix multiple audio streams and effects.

Multiple video source filters

Stream your video from different devices in one stream. Mix several video screens into one.

Powerful configuration options

Set your FPS, resolutions, and screen layout according to your needs. Show what YOU want in real-time.

Multiple themes

Choose your desired theme from the library. Multiple themes are available for free.

Streamlined settings panel

Simplest and easiest settings panel. Every function is accessible with just a few clicks.

Real-time video mixing

Capture videos from your screen and webcam. Stream boxed videos to your audience.

Real-time audio mixing

Put multiple audios in your stream. The best mixing of commentary and gaming sounds.

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Need to ask Questions?

YOU can stream as long as YOU want. But YOU have to pay the charges.

OB setup works with Windows. But YOU have to install DirectX 10 features. Some Windows have it, and some do not. That’s why YOU have to make sure that YOU have DirectX 10 in your system for OB studio.

Currently, YOU cannot run OB studio on LINUX. But the company is writing the code. It will be soon available on LINUX.

By default, OB installs a 64-bit version. That’s why YOU also need your operating system to be on 64-bits. 32-bits will not work with OB.

Yes, we will provide YOU with plugins.

OB studio is a heavy process. It will definitely slow your CPU. That’s why it is recommended to use a high spec PC for OB studio.

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