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Green screen production

To make interactive video content for brands and organizations, awareness campaign video needs specific background and graphics. For that, video editors use the “Chroma keying technique,” where the background is removed and a new background is placed. That new background includes all elements required for making the best-raising awareness videos

To put any background in the best awareness videos, a Green screen is used. The person records the video with a Green background, and the editors put all the required graphics and elements on that Green background.

We have 10 years of experience in Green screen production. YOU will always get the best video awareness campaign that will serve your purpose and get YOU close to your goals.

WE make everything possible for YOU

If YOU are going to produce your own videos, things will seem impossible for YOU. For example, YOU will struggle hard to remove background noise. Most times, YOU will be unable to focus perfectly. Plus, embedding graphics and animations will be hell for YOU.

Therefore, eventually, YOU will realize the importance of professional people. So, that’s where we come and eliminate all hurdles. YOU will get everything done for YOU.

If YOU require slides running in the video, animated characters, background sounds, and footage, we will do everything for YOU.

YOU will get what YOU want in your awareness campaign video. We have produced raising awareness videos for many brands. Similarly, YOU will also get the best quality.

WE have the Best solution for a video awareness campaign

The best place to shoot high-quality videos is always a studio. If YOU shoot your brand’s best awareness video in an ordinary room, YOU will never get to convince your audience. YOUR brand will look like a beginner brand with limited resources. That will also affect your goals for the video.

We will make YOU look like an expert in YOUR field. YOUR video will be captured in a studio where Green screen, lightening, soundproofing, and every gadget will be present. 

YOU only need the actor and script. Tada! YOUR video will be done in a matter of a few hours. Of course, we will rehearse everything for perfection.

Future video production guidelines

YOU may want a document that contains guidelines about video product according to the best elements of YOUR brand.

We will compile a set of guidelines and video angles that can guide YOU in the future. It will be a foundation stone for the best visual content for YOUR brand.

In short, we will provide YOU practical insights that will help YOU create professional level content in the future. It will also enable YOU to save resources and produce the best thing on YOUR own.

Final Editing

We will take multiple takes for YOUR video and choose the best for YOU. Then, our editors and animators will do their work.

After every addition to your video, we will edit it for the final time. It will include a technical review that will remove every hint of errors from it.

Then, we will show YOU the final Copy. If YOU suggest any addition or removal, we will do that for YOU.

In short, YOU will get the perfect piece for your brand raising awareness videos.

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Why should YOU hire us for Brand awareness videos/campaigns?

When you hire us, you’ll receive the benefit of our:

Highly professional crew

Every team member is an expert in the field. Seasoned in the craft. Years of experience under the belt.

The latest equipment

We use state of the art equipment for producing videos. No compromise on the quality of gadgets.

Specialized service

We cater to clients personally and handle every need with full professionalism.

Diverse experience

We have worked in several sectors, such as corporate, film, communications, PR, web videos, documentaries, interviews, etc.

What do our customers say about us?

We’re proud to say we receive excellent feedback from our clients who rave about their videos and our straightforward process. But don’t take our word for it, read our fantastic reviews below!

Frequently asked questions

If your brand requires footage of open-air shots, we will do that for YOU. However, if YOU require a shoot in open-air, then we cannot add the required background and animations. So, YOU have to choose between animations and open-air shoot.

We can edit every kind of video. The following list will give YOU some idea.

  • Color correction
  • social media videos
  • Short promos
  • Interview videos
  • testimonial videos
  • Product videos
  • Music Videos
  • Explainer videos (2D)

Generally, we have a freelance acting crew onboard. However, if your video demand is highly professional, then we can arrange actors for YOU.

Yes, we can do that for YOU. We can produce animated characters that will show the right content for your brand. It will also require voice-over and background music. In short, we can produce what YOU require.

Yes, we can do that and fill the gaps with graphics and animations. YOU will get the perfect video for promotion.

Yes, we have the required expertise to produce a short film.

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