Do YOU NEED Powerful Animated Highlights Services for YOUR Brand?

Vidocks offers the best-animated highlights services in Lahore and affordable animated highlights services in Pakistan.
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Why does YOUR Brand need animated highlights video creation?

Technology has brought people to reach new heights in business and daily routines. Now, everything is more advanced and creative. It’s true for all brands and businesses. If YOU do not keep up with the pace of the world, YOU will be left out of the competition. Every other brand will beat YOU by using animated highlights.

Therefore, if YOU want success and more revenue, then YOU need an animated film highlights video for YOUR promotion.

Vidocks can help YOU completely. We provide animated highlights services along with complete satisfaction. In fact, we are the best animated highlights services in Pakistan. 

Call us, if you want the best animated highlights services in Lahore. We will take charge of promotion and provide YOU with the best animated highlights video creation.

We have done animated highlights video production for several brands. Similarly, we can provide YOU with the best animated film highlights video.

Call us, we are ready.

Animated highlights video ROI

Animated video serves promotional purposes in the best way. It lures customers into the sales funnels while engaging them positively. However, YOU have to invest YOUR money into the creation of the video.

Online videos bring 75% traffic to the website.
If YOU put the word “Video” in the subject line, YOUR email will most likely be opened.
Landing pages with embedded video have 80% conversion rates.
Customers prefer to watch videos rather than reading text.

Vidocks can help YOU increase YOUR traffic and conversions.

Vidocks’ Process for Creation

We consider all practical insights from the client before starting our creative process. Plus, we customize animation according to the style and aim of the brand. YOU will never feel anything awkward or left out.

Creative brief

We discuss everything with the client and provide a questionnaire. It includes everything that we need for creating an animated video. In the light of our questions, the client prepares a creative brief for us. If we do not get all answers in the brief, then we ask everything again and again until everything is cleared.

Development of concept

When we have all requirements and creative guidelines from the clients, then we start developing the concept for the video. It is generally one big idea around the core message. We polish the concept and develop a solid story and narrative. In fact, we document our groundwork in written form. So, we can be perfect in the production phase.


After laying down our groundwork, we start producing the video. Our skilled animators and artists create everything from scratch. We do not use premade templates. That’s why our production is always original. After creating the first copy, we review it multiple times and improve the video from all aspects. We also make changes after getting feedback from the client.

Vidocks - The Best Animation Studio

Vidocks offers 2D animation, 3D animation, and video production services. We have the best team of animators, video editors, motion graphics artists, and innovative visual creators. Plus, we provide the best creative content in Pakistan.

Vidocks works with creative directors, cinematographers, video artists, and corporations for 2D and 3D modeling, 2D 3D animated Explainer Videos, Product Promo Videos, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality solutions. Plus, we also provide services for Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Logo Animation, Green Screen Editing, and CGI.

Lastly, we also provide services for color grading of footage, wedding video editing, documentary films, Commercial Marketing Videos, YouTube Videos, Music Videos, and other types of video editing services.  

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Explainer videos

The audience needs information and knowledge explained to them. For that, explainer videos are the best tools. If YOUR brand provides explainer videos to the audience, then YOU can engage YOUR audience for a longer period of time. Plus, YOU will also provide good value for viewers.

Call us with YOUR requirements, we can create the best explainer videos for YOU.

Whiteboard animations

Illustrations and text join together in whiteboard animations. With it, the creator can engage viewers perfectly and provide them information in a digestible form. That’s why brands are using whiteboard animations frequently. Plus, it also helps for conversions.

Call us with YOUR requirements, we can create the best whiteboard animations for YOU.

Play Video
Play Video

Product promotional videos

One of the best ways to promote a product is an animation video. If YOU show YOUR audience with a video that provides benefits, uses, and advantages of YOUR product, then it will persuade viewers to buy YOUR product. YOU can also post YOUR product video on any social media platform.

Call us with YOUR requirements, we can create the best product promotional videos for YOU.

Animated web demos

If YOUR website shows a service or product through animations, then YOU provide YOUR visitors with a perfect demo. As a result, YOUR conversion rate always increases because the viewer understands everything and it helps them to make a decision in favor of YOU. 

Call us with YOUR requirements, we can provide YOU with the best animated web demos.

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Play Video

2D animations

2D animations are the best tools for websites. It helps YOU to educate YOUR visitors and guide them for YOUR products and services. If YOU have an educational website, then YOU can explain concepts with 2D animations.

Call us with YOUR requirements, we will create the best 2D animations for YOU.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can create animations from the provided characters. For that we use Blender.

No, we provide animations without a watermark. We use premium tools.

Yes, we can provide voice-over for animations. But we will charge YOU extra for it.

Yes, we can provide YOU with trademark animations.

We always set rates with negotiations.

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