Bits about us

After completing a decade in the industry, we have evolved into a highly professional services company: Vidocks; Serving clients with the highest level of quality: always aiming for perfection in every project.

Vidocks meets the demand for digital, technical services with a professional attitude and claims to be the best service provider in Pakistan in respective niches: designing, editing, production, animation, advertisement, and digital promotion.


To enable our clients with stunning success by virtue of dedicated and specialized services.


Vidocks aims to create long-lasting professional relationships along with a combined journey to success in this modern digital age.



We promise that YOU will never get a hint of low-quality or unprofessionalism from Vidocks. 

Online Statement ​

Vidocks is the only company in Pakistan offering designing, video production, live streaming, video editing, animation, green screen (vfx), virtual studio, and media production under one roof.

Core values

Vidocks strictly adheres to the following:

  • The client is the first: We put everything upfront for our clients: time, skills, efforts, and resources.
  • Honesty: We are open and transparent; we always try to be true to our clients.
  • Punctuality: We always finish our job within the deadline. No matter what happens.

Work with, not for: We work in coloration with clients as an equal partner and consider every project as our own.

Vidocks: The Best Services in Pakistan?

It’s not just a mere claim, but reasons and foundations back it perfectly. YOU might get surprised. So, hang tight!

Undeniable Expertise

We have top-notch knowledge about our market, domain and niches. Plus, we know what is trending and what is new. That’s why we always produce a unique and original thing for our clients.

Genius level skills

We’ve spent over a decade in the industry and we accumulated vast practice during that time. As a result, no one can match our proficiency in Pakistan.

One-stop solution

We can handle promotion of your brand, production and post production. It makes us only stop where YOU can get everything done. No need to hire extra services. We can devise one package.


We have innovative minds present in our team. That’s why we can create the impossible for YOU. Even every other company has refused to do so.


Right after the deal, we put all our efforts into the end goal. That has made us highly punctual in our delivery. We never waste our or client’s time.

24/7 support

We work round the clock and when our clients reach us, we are ready to handle their inquiries. YOU can engage us at any time of the night or day.

Architects of success: Vidocks’ team

We never hire a person without complete traits. For that, our hiring criteria is hard and strict. But who qualify are genius workhorses.

With the following characteristics:


Our team focuses hard on the project and spend all energy and time. Just to make you succeed.


Our client may be a novice. But our team is not. That’s why our team delivers the project after passing all professional standards.


In every project, our team competes with the best minds in the world, and tries to beat other players with perfect delivery.


Our team never put an angry face every, and always do revisions as required by the client. In short, unlimited revisions are a reality with our team; not just a statement.

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Professional player in advertising, media production, and marketing. Delivering quality projects since inception. Bringing innovative solutions to the client’s problems.

Meeting growing demand of custom video marketing in Pakistan with highly skilled team, original ideas, and with aim to reach perfection.