Talk show and Podcasts Editing Services

One for all and all for one. Vidocks is the solution you were looking for.

Why Vidocks Virtual studio?
With the help of Vidocks, your business is privy to excellent Talk show editing services and much more. We in all niches and provide a multitude of services like location, equipment, digital video and audio editing, tools and kits, stages, and prototyping. With coordination and professionalism, Vidocks is the production company you needed all along.
Technical Capabilities
At Vidocks, we ensure to have the highest quality equipment available. This includes everything from optimal microphones to cameras and speakers. All you have to do is prepare your content and leave the technical details on us. Rest assured; we will handle everything promptly!
· Studio
-YouTube video content,
-Vlogging area,
-E-sport commentating,
-House of worship features for broadcast usage.
· Stage
-Multi-projector system, hassle-free setup, and image synthesis
-Accommodating plays, theater, Concert halls
· Graphics Tool Kit
-Your 2D and 3D idea platforms. Texture manipulation, video processing, and 3D scene prototyping
· Show
Corporate and institutional exhibition features. Features are related to presentations and video installations.
Why Virtual Production?
-Up to 6 camera sources
●All angles are taken into account
●High quality
●Back plans in case of accidents and malfunctions
●The best quality recorded footage
●Precise and robust voice recording
Professional switching Quality
●Assurance of quality
●Can shift according to clients needs
●Shifts are seamless and professional
●Quality management
●Awareness of the current market and trends
Reliable streaming with Sony Technology
●The best available technology is used
●Reliable brand use
●Professional team for management
●Updated and maintained tool kit
●Use of only the original brand equipment and software
External audio
●All sorts of external audio options are available
●Quality of sound is checked and assured
●Brilliant audio conversions to any device
●Transport of the file to the client’s hand
●Not cut back on quality during the shift of the external audio file
Professional Live Graphics
●Updated and Expert graphics designer
●2D and 3D graphics production
●Live graphics with professional and unprecedented quality
●High-tech equipment and tool
●Latest apps and software for the best production
Communicate with your production team
●Open communication with the client and their team
●Friendly and informative discussions
●In-detail explanations and trust-worthy performance
●Scheduled follow-ups
●Timely meetings with the plan of action discussed