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Brings YOU, video editing services, Pre-production service, Live streaming services, video marketing, product packaging design, and awareness videos! Get customized services at competitive rates for YOUR Business!

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Vidocks act as a media production house in the market and serve as the best video marketing agency and media production house. In fact, we own a resourceful virtual reality studio. That’s why we confidently claim ourselves as the No#1 media production company that produces the best visual content for brands ranging from diverse industries. Our portfolio contains successful examples of content that brought immense value for brands. In fact, our efforts convert brands into leaders in their industry.

Vidocks’ Exclusive Services

As a video marketing agency, we run a World-class-level production house and provide top-notch video marketing services.

Media Production

Get the best media production with World-class media production company. We can produce all kinds of media videos, such as Promotional video, educational videos for customers, value added videos for brands, short documentaries, product awareness videos, and many more.

Live streaming

Uninterrupted high definition live streaming for all kinds of events, virtual conferences, meetups, interviews, consultations, corporate communications, and many more.

Promotional content for social media platforms

Vidocks create the right video content for social media platforms. Every video is customized according to the needs and wants of the target audience.


World-class level animated media art production, explainer videos, character animation, animated marketing videos, animated titles, bumpers, lower thirds, transitions for brands, organizations, and individuals.


Commercial and non-commercial designs for products, Pattern Design Brochure Design, Poster design, Flyer design, Book design, Album cover design, Packing design, Social media design, Menu design, billboards, and many more. Original innovator designers are available on demand.

Video Editing

Converting dull vides into world-class content in minimum time. Perfection is guaranteed along with delivery from premium editing tools. Absolutely stunning results.

Be the Best in YOUR Industry with Vidocks!

We cover all loopholes in YOUR strategy and suggest YOU the best way for the best results. YOU hire us, we inquire and audit everything from a professional point of view. Next, we tell YOU what’s missing and what needs to be done. With YOUR agreements, we proceed with production and give YOU stunning results.

As a video marketing agency and video production house, we aim to bring brands at the international level with our expertise, skills, and efforts.

Our media production services are not like other television commercial companies. We work with YOU, not for YOU.

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Get YOUR Story Out with Vidocks!

As a professional video marketing agency and media production house, we give YOU the highest quality services of media production and designing. It is done by anticipating everything in post-production planning.

When everything is said and done, YOU have the best value for YOUR brand. We help brands to grab attention, to engage the audience, to persuade prospects, and to convert people.

Hire the best video marketing agency for YOUR brand!

How do we work?

Vidocks apply all professional and practical techniques and procedures in order to deliver the highest quality products. We have expert professionals, and every project is reviewed by multiple skilled minds before delivering to the client.

  • Generation of an original idea

    Generation of an original idea

    We understand the project, research everything, brainstorm multiple ideas and avenues, and then critically select an original idea.

  • Application of the original idea

    Application of the original idea

    We proceed towards the application of the idea in the best practical and possible way. It is reviewed multiple times by experts. We perfect everything from every angle and point of view.

  • Final delivery of the project

    Final delivery of the project

    We deliver the first copy of the project and ask for feedback. After getting all suggestions and recommendations, we edit everything according to your feedback and deliver the final product as soon as possible.


Highest degree of quality in the fastest turnaround!

  • Our Video production process

    Our Video production process

    Vidocks handle every video production with standard protocol and leaves nothing.

  • Getting the requirement

    Getting the requirement

    Client hands over everything in written form. It includes guidelines, instructions, goals, purposes, special inclusions, and every fundamental requirement.

  • Production


    We produce the video in the best possible way. Next, we perform editing and show it to the clients. The feedback gives us everything for improvement. Lastly, we perfect the final copy and deliver it to the client.

  • Choosing the best idea

    Choosing the best idea

    We understand everything from the requirements and create multiple practical ideas. Next, we critically negate every idea and only choose the best, unique, and original idea for the production.

  • Scripting


    We create the perfect script from our original idea and review it multiple times until it becomes perfect from every point of view.


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Who work with us

Frequently Asked Questions

For video, the answer depends upon the following.

  • Do you want to film in one location or multiple locations?
  • How large a crew do you need?
  • How complex is the video?
  • How complex is editing?
  • Do you need a single-shot video or multiple shot video?

For animation, the answer will depend on the following.

  • What style do you need?
  • How much complex animation do you require?
  • Do you want original characters from scratch?
  • The duration of the animation.

The video production process involves the following:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Pre-production involves several things. We will discuss everything with you and learn more about your business. You will tell us about the target audience, key messages, video release platforms, and many other related things. Plus, we will agree on the budget.

Production involves outlining the video, creation of scripts, recording footage, creating graphics, producing animations, and many other minute things. 

Post-production involves editing, streaming lining narrative, removing mistakes, improving delivery, adding titles, adding graphics, and revising content.

We make up project teams after knowing the demand of human resources for the project. Plus, we have exceptional directors and producers along with self-shooting videographers. Plus, we have skilled camera operators. If we need any technical assistance, then we hire staff on demand.

If you tell us your requirement precisely, then we can tell us how large our crew can be. Without precise details, we cannot say the final number on our crew.

When we start the first contact with you, then we have two possible options. First, we meet face to face. In that case, we will ask for everything directly in that meeting.

Secondly, if the meeting is not possible, then we will send you a questionnaire that will include everything that we need from you.

In short, we will start the project when we have input from you.

Our goal for video is always the same: to deliver the key message in the most effective way. For that, we will use every technique and procedure available to us. That’s why we will add graphics in the video to help the relevant context. But we will never use graphics to complicate the video message.

We have expert graphics designers who can deliver the right quality when needed. Rest assured, you will get your video done in the best way.

If your video needs precise branding, then we will comply with your demand. We will add your logo and required trademarks in the video where needed. If you want disclaimers and special notes according to your brand, then we will add them for you.

In short, the video will represent your brand perfectly, and it will include all the required branding elements.

Adding subtitles is the most common request from our clients. For that, we give two options for our clients. First, we can add subtitles directly to the video. But it will be a limited option because it can contain subtitles for only one language. Secondly, we can provide subtitles separately from the video. It will give you the option to use subtitles where you want and in your desired languages. We can provide subtitles in multiple languages.

We use the latest professional cameras and additional kits that capture videos in 4k. Our additional kits are lightening equipment, a green screen, and audio mics.

You will get video files in your required video format. Generally, .mp4 format is the standard. But we can deliver YOU in .mov, .flv, .mpeg, and more.

Yes, we keep copies of our projects on a record for at least four years. If you lose your copy by any chance, then you can contact us for your copy. We will give you free of charge.

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